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We’re known for generating great publicity results. But that's just the beginning.

We’re a smart and dedicated group that ventures beyond publicity with a measurable

impact on our clients’ bottom line. Contact us to discuss how our experience,

dedication, commitment, and creativity can work for you.

Among the services we provide:

MEDIAGENICS Media Training
Just because you have something new to say doesn't mean you know how to say it. We'll get you ready. We have made dozens of computer engineers seem like exciting and tuned up bombastic celebrities. Doing interviews to communicate key messages and get your company name or cause into the evening news takes practice. We have developed a proprietary media training program to ensure that each interview counts and scores.

PRESS GO Traditional and Social Media Relations
Clients come to us because their story is often very challenging. Coke and Pepsi don't need us. But we do know how to put some fizz into your story no matter how big or small. Sometimes you are news; sometimes we need to make news. We excel at both. A combination of vast media contacts and superb placement capabilities set us apart. We consistently surpass expectations. Our media database, updated and maintained continuously, contains more than 12,000 contacts in traditional print, broadcast and the "paper media". Our contacts in mainstream media as well as the blogsosphere number in the thousands. Often, they'll turn to us for interesting story ideas.

BRANDING BEYOND Messaging and Brand Strategy
Has anyone ever told you that your product or business is different, unique and distinctive? It's a critical step and a critical process that can only unfold successfully with experience and honesty. Where is your brand, your image, your essence? What are your messages and do they resonate with customers and their expectations? We'll take your brand where it needs to be.

BEYOND PREPARED Crisis Communications Planning
Reaction is inaction when it comes to crisis communications. We can move extremely quickly on multiple fronts, but the swiftest approach is to have crises plans, chains of communication and general Q&As ready for most foreseeable situations. Today that includes web communications with social media first, and press releases last. Airlines, universities, corporations - we've handled all manner of crises for many clients. And sometimes, when legal action is necessary, we handle the court of public opinion and work with the lawyers through the litigation process.

As a key element of an information-based PR program, we love a good newsworthy survey to catapult a company or issue into a higher level of awareness and publicity that most companies only can dream about. Even for the largest Fortune 500 companies, proprietary research helps to generate credibility and communicate leadership on issues and in product categories and we can even recommend exciting brand-building research products for you.

SHOW BUSINESS Trade Show Support
A comprehensive trade show strategy is critical for success. That must include interaction with media attending the show as well as the other audiences you want to reach. Just showing up doesn't draw attention. Showing up your competition with something new, something different and creating buzz around it does. Let us help you create buzz and formalize a trade show approach that is high-impact yet cost-effective.

INFLUENCING THE THINKERS Analyst/Consultant Relations
Every industry has its opinion leaders that get paid handsomely for what they think. No technology program should be without a strategic focus on industry analysts and consulting firms that provide research and third-party credibility for a company's products and solutions. Through our network of contacts, we can arrange in-person access to the nation's leading technology analysts and consultants. In addition to key technology and Internet analysts, we have worked with important opinion leader firms in healthcare, automotive, manufacturing and other fields.


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