Ben-Gurion University


Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in the desert. BGU achieves important medical, scientific and environmental breakthroughs on a daily basis. The U.S. fund raising arm, American Associates BGU, retained A. Lavin Communications to communicate their innovation, pioneering spirit and efforts. And A. Lavin helped to raise the funds to support it.

ALC has developed a highly successful program leveraging the research and technology transfer partnerships to garner an unparalleled amount of exposure in the U.S. for the organization.

For the past four years ALC has organized an annual journalism mission to introduce reporters first-hand to a myriad of research and technology - as well as the gestalt of the University that sets it apart from other better known and more highly funded Israel institutions. The program, which has included science, medical, technology, general media and Jewish trades, has cemented firm relationships with dozens of reporters who continue to report on BGU innovations in U.S. media. This good thinking is leveraging the great minds in Israel and bringing their innovations from the desert to the world.

"A. Lavin Communications treats us like we're their only client. We receive 24/7 dedication, highly proactive attention and precise strategic counsel that is always on target. Working with a university, each researcher is like another client, and no matter what the subject, this firm works hard to gain a firm grasp of the subject and garner national awareness for our news."
Ronni Strongin, BGU