Eikos Nano


InvisiconTM is a patented Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) ink developed by Eikos. Arranged in specific formulations, these sub-micron particles offer highly desirable properties such as transparency, flexibility, conductivity (heat and electricity) as well as incredible strength. Today, Carbon Nanotubes are used in circuit boards, photovoltaic solar panels, aircraft and flexible displays.

ALC established media relationships with key editors in materials science, engineering and electronics areas as well as researchers who cover innovations for the future. ALC arranged for numerous editorial meetings to educate reporters - many of who had never "seen" a 'nanotube' (because you can't), but could see how Eikos ink worked in conductive and transparent applications.

We recommended pursuing industry awards from media touting the products' innovation, and as a result Eikos Invisicon won a prestigious R&D Award from The Wall Street Journal.

Lastly, we helped them tell their story to the influential scientific community by obtaining numerous opportunities to publish in key trade journals and editing several highly technical papers to the satisfaction of the journals. We're not Einsteins, but we do enjoy the challenge of communicating complex scientific subjects.
ALC generated many stories in all of the Nanotech publications as well as Electronic Engineering Times, Electronic Products, Mass Hi Tech, Industrial Product News, Display Technology News, the Boston Business Journal and OptoElectronics. Most exciting was the feature of an Eikos scientist in a segment on the PBS Show "Inks".