FairyTales Hair Care


A cliché perhaps, but the Center for Disease Control estimates that 6-12 million cases of lice occur each year. Lice removal is a billion dollar business. Lice prevention, pioneered by our client Fairy Tales Hair Care, is a small, but growing niche in the U.S and in Europe.

While many mothers prefer organic, all natural products like Fairy Tales to protect their precious babes from these nasty bloodsuckers, the media had a distinct bias against writing about products that profess medical claims of effective lice prevention. After years of frustrating attempts to garner media coverage, Fairy Tales turned to A. Lavin Communications to garner exposure for their industry leadership and their suite of prevention products including rosemary repel sprays, shampoos, conditioners and crèmes for kids.

Our primary objective was to garner business publicity for the company, which was achieved by generating business features and trade exposure in the U.S. and UK beauty publications.

With a background in promoting medical research, we recommended conducting a study on product efficacy, to provide proof of effectiveness.

Our second element was to generate publicity prior to the back-to-school lice season with a survey on sleep away camps, where lice outbreaks are just as likely to occur. We conducted an online survey of camp directors to stoke parents' concerns that lice at camp are an issue and that they should protect their children against.

"After 10 years and several different PR agencies, ALC was able go garner both business and product publicity with great ideas and unbelievable dedication. We are implementing several of the long term programs he recommended which will take us to the next level as a company."
Risa Barash
Fairy Tales Hair Care