Odyne Hybrid Systems
While it's trendy to dump your SUV for a Prius these days, the real savings in fuel and emissions in the U.S. are in the engines of the nation's buses and trucks.

Odyne retained A. Lavin Communications to get rolling with its new battery technology system, the brains behind a plug-in hybrid power train for buses, light trucks and taxis. Although they didn’t have a working vehicle to demo to reporters, they did have a highly credible, charismatic, CEO Roger Slotkin who could sell oil to Arabs.

ALC positioned Roger as an expert in alternative energy vehicles, who could discuss the pros and cons of every alternative energy technology. As a result, we got the word out about Odyne at numerous speaking opportunities at Cleantech investment and alternative energy seminars, and placed bylined articles in key trades. We also arranged many one-on-ones to tout their proprietary technology with energy reporters and blogged on many of the stories and issues around Roger's missives.

Ultimately there were two options for the company, either receive more capital or get sold. Fortunately, due to their heightened awareness, they accomplished both.

"ALC is all about good thinking, great execution and excellent results. They helped to promote the company as an investment opportunity. It also generated huge press among our customer base. I would highly recommend them to other public Cleantech or transportation companies."
Roger Slotkin
Former CEO