Photofiddle is one of several online companies that converts photos into canvas art or framed prints in a colorful and varied range of artistic templates, from watercolor to Pop Art. Select the collage, sketch, comic or any one of 70 designs and create impressive and compelling custom artwork from a standard digital photo for under $100.

ALC incorporated fiddled photos embedded in seasonal press releases to give the story greater visual impact. The team also created "fiddled photos" of the reporters and producers that were contacted. Because the president didn't feel comfortable on camera, Andy Lavin became the "Phriendlyfiddler" and on air spokesperson for the many TV segments that the ALC arranged.
In just a few short months, ALC generated significant, measurable results generating hundreds of orders, and helping build a customer list by driving website traffic each time a segment aired or article ran. These included features on CBS Early Show, NBC TODAY Show, as well as HGTV and numerous local market segments. Print results to date included PC Magazine, USA Today, Washington Post, Better Homes & Garden and many others.

"We turned to A. Lavin Communications, who had a lot of experience marketing products on the Internet, to help drive the program. They generated a lot of very high profile media coverage in national newspapers like USA Today and the Washington Post. Local TV segments in Texas and Arizona. And probably the most effective feature on CBS Early morning show that generated 2,000 orders. Ultimately, we saw that PR could be a highly effective sales tool and have continued to leverage media coverage as a key part of our marketing program."
Michael Karmatz
Head Fiddler