Southwest Nano
Southwest Nano has proprietary technology that enables it to produce the Carbon Nanotubes in commercial applications now being developed.

Arranged in specific formulations these sub-micron particles offer highly desirable properties such as transparency, flexibility, conductivity as well as strength, based on size and diameter. Today, these particles are used in circuit boards, photovoltaic solar panels, aircraft and flexible displays.

Having worked with ALC on two other occasions, CEO Dave Arthur once again turned to A. Lavin Communications with a modest budget to help revamp Southwest's marketing efforts. While it is taking years for Nano materials to be as widely used as the potential brings, ALC quickly garnered major national publicity for the firm.

At the same time, the firm is also helping to develop new direct marketing strategies and fine tune the company's positioning for its products, which can be used in university research and commercial applications.

"ALC has exhibited the great thinking and rapid execution literally in just a few weeks time. They're bringing a top-down marketing approach that we've been lacking that will help us garner more sales among a greater number of new customers around the world."
Dave Arthur
Southwest Nanotechnologies