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Vanguard provides mainframe-based enterprise security solutions to Fortune 500 companies, governments and federal agencies.

When we recommended that the company focus more on growing sales in Europe and Asia, we didn't think the CEO Ronn Bailey would decide to take up off-road racing and make his debut in the world's longest, hardest event – the Dakar Rally, which comprises of 7000 miles, 15 days through mine fields, bandit havens, blistering heat and harsh African desert terrain.

CEO Ronn Bailey saw that he could make headway among European and Asian businesses that sponsor the Dakar; which is followed with the same fervor in these countries as the U.S. follows the Super Bowl.

First, our strategic counsel was that our client was crazy. Then, we positioned him as "crazy like a fox." And went on to leverage nearly a dozen off road racing for events of the Ronn Bailey Motorsports Team, sponsored by Vanguard Integrity Professionals, integrating this marketing into trade shows, government proclamations, cause-related marketing events in Africa and on the web.

We did some of our best, high profile publicity work that any agency, large or small would be proud of, year after year. Highlights included major stories in The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune, FSB,, Wired, CNBC, and CNN; as well as racing trades.

"The publicity generated through this effort was worth in excess of $2 million and greatly increased our exposure in Europe and Asia in a way that no advertising campaign could accomplish."
Steven Ringelberg
Vanguard Integrity Professionals