Enterprise Software & Technology

Lots of bits and bytes publicity.

We counsel our clients to sell benefits, not technology or features.   And we excel at thinking about your product services to communicate your key benefits and differentiation - along with innovative technology - to specific audiences and a wide range of vertical markets.

ALC's business-to-business programs communicate to audiences from "C Level" to "sea level" and we understand the drivers for what is quite often a multi-tiered sell-in. In every case, our efforts answer the following key questions: How will it improve business practices or protect businesses? Will it enhance revenue, cut-costs and increase customer satisfaction?

We combine a number of strategies including media relations, social media, customer reference programs, analyst/consultant relations, tradeshow support, as well as strategic counseling beyond publicity.   We entice trial and adoption of new technologies, or the enhancement of existing ones.   For both established industry leaders and entrepreneurial new ventures, we design and implement programs that meet your marketing objectives and generate results among businesses, analysts and influencers.

Some of our notable efforts include:

Vanguard Integrity Professionals
Voice2Form LLC
Cardiff Software
Memco Software, Inc.
Tecnomatix Technologies

Eikos Nanotechnology
Southwest Nanotechnologies

Con Ed Communications
Bell Canada

Odyne Hybrid Engines
Guardtrax Security Personnel Locator
Ultratech Stepper