Financial & Professional Services
Litigation support.   Crisis management.   Intricate insurance and financial products. Communicating opinion and significant financial regulations.   Helping businesses save green. And promoting green buildings.

These are among the varied marketing communications experiences we've had over three decades at our firm and as part of our collective experience. With some of the largest and most innovative financial and professional services companies. Financial management firms, law firms, accountants, architects and business practice management technology companies. It's all about how to manage what you have better.

ALC is a "consultant's consultant"   We understand how to leverage your perspective and product into a vision and leadership opportunity with great thinking that goes beyond traditional publicity techniques.   We use research to communicate and garner leadership positioning and to generate massive industry publicity that often transcends the company size or product offering.   And we leverage social media, blogs and our online arsenal as well as trade outlets that are so vital for B2B communications.

Though many professional services firms provide commodity services, ALC creates true points of differentiation to engage the customer on a higher level than before.  We often provide research services to highlight trends and issues within a company's scope of business to generate ongoing industry and high profile national publicity. We can do the same for you.

In this practice area ALC has spearheaded:
  • Positioning and promotion of equity and fixed income money managers
  • Launching new financial products and services
  • Analyst and media relations programs for professional services technologies
  • Opinion research programs to garner leadership positioning and generate publicity
  • Litigation support for IP, Contract, and Freedom of Speech issues
  • A major media relations program positioning a New York architecture firm as a leader in environmental design in the Condé Nast building in Times Square

Bowne Printing
Fox & Fowle Architects
Olsten Corporation
Kramer Dillof Livingston & Moore
Guardsmark Security
Gigante Vaz

Millbrook Capital
Internet Trade Finance Exchange
The Atlantic Group
Equitable Life
The Dreyfus Corporation