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We are very thankful that we partnered with A. Lavin Communications. They're exactly what we want in a marketing communication firm.
Terry Cielsa
I can trust A. Lavin Communications to quickly strategize or handle any pressing needs. They are highly responsive and accomplish anything. Believe me, you don’t get that from many agencies.
Susan Vassallo
Vice President
What an invaluable asset! A. Lavin Communications is an important strategic partner that has helped shape our brand and messaging in the evolving space industry. They’ve delivered on top-tier media and have helped our bottom line by driving investor and media relations. It’s been a great relationship.
Rhonda Stevenson
A. Lavin Communications treats us like we’re their only client 24/7. The firm has worked successfully for 15 years to garner national awareness for our organization.
Ronni Strongin
Americans for Ben Gurion University
As a small, crowdfunded startup, the brand publicity and counsel that A. Lavin Communications provides, at this very early stage, is exponentially beyond what we could have expected.
Mark Lyle
A. Lavin Communication’s  team did a wonderful job helping us rebrand, launch new products, and raise our level of exposure.
Olga Khabinskay
We knew we needed to move quickly on our news announcement. A. Lavin Communications developed the plan, executed quickly, and scored a featured in the Wall Street Journal and elsewhere within days. We’re now competing on a much higher level.
Chaim Lowenstein
Vice President, Business Development
Their efforts helped position our company for acquisition and resulted in a successful exit for investors of our OTC company. I would highly recommend them to other cleantech or engineering companies.
Roger Slotkin
Chief Executive Officer
A. Lavin Communications generated more than $2 million in major national coverage and greatly increased our exposure in Europe and Asia beyond what any advertising campaign could accomplish.
Steven Ringelberg
Chief Operations Officer
After 10 years and several different PR agencies, ALC was able to garner both business and product publicity with great ideas and unbelievable dedication. Programs they recommended is taking us to the next level as a company.
Risa Barash
A. Lavin Communications’ strategic thinking consistently generated top-notch publicity and significantly increased the Forward’s traffic.
David Drimer
Associate Publisher
Visibility is great, but Intergis relies on ALC to drive sales with PR. They’ve done an outstanding job developing and implementing programs that go far beyond traditional PR – generating leads and sales.
Jeff Cohen